Why ODA?


Owner Drivers Australia (ODA) is a lobby group that fights for meaningful representation for owner-drivers. We want to see owner-drivers obtaining sustainable rates for their work. This means having good contracts, insurance, BAS and GST administration and information to conduct their businesses profitably. ODA is a specialist division of Independent Contractors Australia (www.independentcontractors.net.au) who have lobbied for the rights of independent contractors/self-employed people for more than a decade.


So what is the relevance of www.ownerdrivers.com.au today? It's about keeping the original concept alive at a time when the two-speed economy has focused business on cost-cutting at the expense of quality of service. There are issues that must be addressed. Our belief is that if these issues are left to go unchecked, owner-drivers will suffer.

Remember who is an owner-driver?

A person, company or partnership supplying up to a maximum of three vehicles to transport goods, where the owner of the business also operates one of those vehicles.

Owner-drivers are a key part of the 2.4 million small and medium Australian enterprises who make up 99.7% of the nation's actively trading businesses.

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