Owner Driver Key Issues

6 Key Issues

Here are 6 key issues affecting owner-drivers. Ask yourself, as an owner-driver, do these situations affect you?

1. Are transport operators' log-in procedures for carriers being fairly operated by transport operators?

Does your contract provide you a guaranteed rate but require you to log-in your availability each morning for a time window that creates congestion, resulting in your not meeting your contracted requirement? In many cases the transport operators are busy, but in other cases the time availability congestion is unacceptable because it does not enable you to log-in on time.

What do you do?

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2. Does your transport operator provide you a pay remittance slip listing jobs, but with a total gross payment without any breakdown?

There seems to be a growing trend of new systems that simply list the jobs by number or name, and give a $value total payment. The systems may be accurately interpreting the contract under which you as an owner driver operate, but how do you know? What means of verification can you use?

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3. Does your transport operator have documented OH&S procedures as part of your contract as an owner-driver?

OH&S procedures may be in a booklet, or form part of your contract. However, what processes are in place to guarantee that you can invoke the rules if you are worried about a load/freight you are carrying? Is there a form of sign-off by you? Are you indeed alerted about what you are carrying in the context of OH&S requirements? Is there an audit process undertaken by your operator? Often there is little done in the industry by way of prevention. This is unacceptable. We would be interested to hear your opinions. Are you are covered by insurance and, if so, at what cost as a small business operator?

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4. Does your transport operator provide you with an account of fuel levy reimbursement?

The fuel levy took a lot of lobbying effort to put in place; it is about obtaining a fair rate for the cost of your service. Does your transport operator provide details of your entitlement per job? Is the process recorded in your contract? Is the process of its administration transparent?

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Remember, the Fuel Levy is LPG-based cost, adjusted on a 28-day cycle. As an example of what should happen: one advertisement for self-employed couriers (May 2012) states:

  • Current Fuel Levy paid to Carriers 12.65%
  • Current Fuel Levy charged to the Client 11.05%
  • Company funds 1.6 % difference.

Unfortunately, this example is not what the majority of owner-drivers experience.

5. What insurance policies do you, as a carrier, operate under and what are they costing you compared with 4 years ago?

As an owner-driver you are operating your own business. You need insurance for your vehicle and for your loss of income in the event of sickness or accident.

In the unfortunate circumstance of death, are you or your beneficiaries covered if death occurs when you are not working as an owner-driver? If your vehicle (your greatest asset) is under finance and you fall sick, are you adequately covered?

We frequently see insurance that is too costly. We also see many cases of under-insurance which means that owner-drivers are not properly covered in the event of prolonged sickness or permanent disability.

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6. Does your transport operator provide staff training? Do they prescribe and reward defined contract performance measures?

If you operate under an owner operator contract with your transport operator, does it spell out their expectations of quality of performance or is it a poorly defined minimum rate?

Send us your information: feedback@ownerdrivers.com.au

We are interested

We want to know what's happening to you!

Running a business is about reviewing your performance and that is exactly what we are doing ourselves. HELP yourself by helping us and become proactive!

Send us your information: feedback@ownerdrivers.com.au

Our commitment

We are lobbying for a better deal for owner-drivers. That's YOU!

What else will we being doing?

  • Analysing your feedback.
  • Seeking out the current tools that owner-drivers need in the daily operation of the business.
  • Obtaining from suppliers the economy of scale of your association's group size and tailoring it specifically to your needs.
  • Surveying and contacting members.
  • Refining the Group's relationship with ICA and seeking their lobbying skills to improve your lot.

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