Our Aims

ODA has been formed by owner-drivers and those who work with owner-drivers to distribute credible and relevant information about being an independent contractor working in the transport sector. ODA seeks to protect the rights of owner-drivers to be treated fairly, justly and equitably as businesses in Australia, and to be allowed to work free from intimidation or harassment from bureaucrats, the Australian Taxation Office, political parties and others.

Our specific objectives include:

  • Freedom to negotiate our own contracts.
  • Fair, proper contracts that protect us all.
  • Quick/fair processes to fix any disagreements.
  • Quality work safety laws to keep owner-drivers and our roads safe.
  • Consistent business laws applied across the country for all of us.
  • A secure right to be our own boss.

6 Key Practical Issues

  1. Are transport operators' log-in procedures for carriers being fairly operated by transport operators?
  2. Does your transport operator provide you a pay remittance slip listing jobs, but with a total gross payment without any breakdown?
  3. Does your transport operator have documented OH&S procedures as part of your contract as an owner-driver?
  4. Does your transport operator provide you with an account of fuel levy reimbursement?<
  5. What insurance policies do you, as a carrier, operate under and what are they costing you compared with 4 years ago?
  6. Does your transport operator provide staff training? Do they prescribe and reward defined contract performance measures?

More information on these 6 key issues can be found here.

Achieving Objectives

ODA seeks to achieve its objectives by:

Education: Assisting all owner-drivers and people who engage them to understand the business status of owner-drivers and the rights under law that go with being a business.

Information: To distribute to owner-drivers and the people who engage them relevant information and up-to-date news on owner-driver business issues.

Networking: To assist owner-drivers and the people who engage them to network on issues of common interest.

Lobbying: To undertake public and private lobbying to ensure that legislation and regulation treats owner-drivers and the people who engage them with justice and equity.

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