Who We Are

Owner Drivers Australia is a not-for-profit organisation functioning in the start up phase as a division of Independent Contractors of Australia. (Click here for access to the ICA website and all information on ICA).

ODA is governed by an owner-driver sub-committee of ICA, which is itself incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (1981) of Victoria. ICA is governed by a committee under the rules established by the Articles of Association adopted as recommended under the Victorian Act and as amended.

Membership is open to all persons/organizations who are independent contractors/ owner-drivers, or who are involved with owner drivers, or who are interested and seek information on owner-driver issues. Membership of ODA confers automatic membership of ICA and access to members-only information on www.contractworld.com.au

Reason for structure through ICA

In our start-up phase we approached ICA for assistance. They agreed. Consequently, we have formed our own committee and are working under the ICA organisational umbrella for a period of time. This has made registration, accounting, Website construction, membership management and so on, easier. It has also given us access to ICA's vast network, information database and lobbying expertise. At this stage, we are formally a division of the ICA organisation, but operating as an independent subcommittee.

Registration Details

Incorporation Number (Victoria) [A0050004U]

Australian Business Number 54 403 453 626

"www.ownerdrivers.com.au" is the registered domain name of Owner Drivers Australia.

The ODA spokesperson is Ken Phillips.

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